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Infindável (Endless):
light melody and deep lyrics
by Elizabeth Woolley and Atair Santos

Love songs, manifesto and rhythmic mixtures are found in “Infindável” (Endless), the second album of the singer and composer Elizabeth Woolley. In this recently released work, Elizabeth counts with the participation of important names in instrumental music, such as Cuca Teixeira (drums), Márcio Arantes (bass), Lino Simão (alto saxophone), Walmir Gil (trumpet), Tiago Costa (piano), Webster Santos (acoustic guitar), Pedro Simão (acoustic guitar), Guilherme Ribeiro (accordion), Sérgio Carvalho (bass) e Christian Galante (percussion).

The new CD also has the participation of artists such as Actor João Signorelli and Singer Tina Woolley, who interprets so well the song "Pequena Canção Amorosa" (Small Love Song).
In the song "O que Há o que Há" (What’s Up, What’s Up), participation of DJ Rick Dub and the journalist and radio announcer Renata Miranda.

"Infindável" (Endless) was recorded from January to June 2009. With musical arrangement, production and musical direction by Pedro Simão and Tiago Costa, in partnership with Elizabeth.
The CD has eleven tracks, nine composed by the singer with Atair Santos, except “Jasmim” (Jasmine) and “Pequena Canção Amorosa” (Small Love Long).

With very interesting cover photos, which bring a picture of the everyday life of someone who lives in the metropolis, it is important to note in the album insert, in the images captured by photographer Kris Knack, the alternation of images, such as adding a bicycle in the middle of the rush and anxiety of the pedestrians passing by. The expressions of worries contrast with Elizabeth's bike ride in the middle of the tension of downtown São Paulo.

This description seems to be of an appreciator of visual arts. Hence, this description needs to be used so that the reader understands that one must stop for a few minutes to listen to good sound and beautiful poetry.

"Infindável" (Endless) has something very special, it is a work that should be listened sitting down and in silence, but at the same time it invites you to dance, as in the songs “Poder e Fama" (Power and Fame) and "O que Há o que Há" (What’s Up, What’s Up)

The lyrics are deep and are not just for listening and walk away or sweeping the house, the poetry of Atair and Elizabeth is an invitation for calming down and thinking, and specially for relating with the world, living what life has to give us at its best.

The lyrics bring up matters about love and life in the city, subjects and characteristics that are very present in the everyday life of the unban dweller. In the CD, it is possible to find a variety of musical styles in the songs. Simple, soft ballads, rap and pop. Light and interesting instrumental backing where the deep lyrics and melodies so beautifully written by Elizabeth and Atair merge.